Package model

Package model

    If there was no furniture for you good packing, protection, may arrive at your destination, boxes of goods, already turned into a heap of scrap metal was used. To remind you! Each different items, depending on materials have their special ways of packing, wanted to move home to properly protect your property, you should not be careless, Oh!

    → cardboard box

    This is the most common move of props aid, in addition to the material any information other than universal, it can help us, for primary protection/classification.

    suitable for cartons of appliances: appliances, clothing, books, fine goods

    → bubble cotton:

    suitable for: all kinds of electrical appliances and packaging, such as a VCR, microwave oven, television screens, computer screens, telephones and so on. All kinds of fragile items,

    coffee cup of tea, wine, dishes, bowls, bottles and so on. Dirty dealing with prevention of sofas, mattresses, pillows, and so on.

    → corrugated:

    for: wear all kinds of wooden furniture, particularly at the four corners and prominent. Large electrical appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines surface abrasion processing needs to be done.

    for corrugated appliances: wooden table and chairs

    → refrigerator cover

    surface protection the refrigerator, refrigerator enclosures are a cheap and convenient for guests, full refrigerator fully protected.

    for refrigerator cover appliances: refrigerator