Service process

Service process

   , business reception

    customer shops on booking or telephone booking, to clearly introduce company profile, service items, service types, standards, quickly and accurately understand customer needs.

    second, registration of customer information

    type of service to be provided according to customer requirements, understand in detail the basic information and registrations filed. For large moving and other businesses report, consultation with customers handled by professional staff. And according to the customer needs to provide the professional planning, assessment, advisory services.

    c, determine the time units

    determined in accordance with customer requirements and EMU case moving time, arrange train and to communicate and consult with customers in a timely manner. According to the type of service to provide packaging machinery and packaging services.

    four, signed contracts for the removal operation

    unit arrived at the scene, according to the agreement signed with the customer moving contracts, complete list of valuables and client agent for insurance of valuables after implementation of relocation services.

    five, fill out a customer feedback form

    relocation after the clean up packaging waste, fill in the customer feedback table clearing services.

   , after the visit of six

    after the removal of 3rd, customer visits, grasp the overall situation in a timely manner, listen to customer comments and suggestions seriously be improved.