Moving services

Moving services

    customers should carefully select a moving company, it is recommended that customers preferred brands of large moving companies is appropriate, when selecting a moving company should pay attention to the following:

    first of all, note that does the moving company have formal offices, should go to its official offices to review its business license, it must have to run the project "moving and transportation services" of a formal qualification but moving services moving company.

    Secondly, to check a valid service contract in accordance with the relevant provisions, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of relocation and supporting Parties, the moving company active service contract shall be signed with the customer. Should include both parties agree the time and place required for models, both sides agreed to move, service prices, party services and requirements, b to make performance pledges, valuable fragile items in the course of handling the responsibility on both sides.

    party claims basis, b complete moving and transportation service delivery time, and both parties mutually agreed, other services, and so on. In this way, you can avoid disputes arising from the oral promise is not clear, to avoid the interests to be protected on both sides of the problem.