Moving baggage considerations

&Nbsp;   baggage incident in detail: first, the moving company, Shijiazhuang phone TV, washing machine, microwave oven, Toaster, computer, printer, sound, without the original packaging, first with film wrapped around entanglement, near foam secure, then packaged. Are requested to indicate on the outer package do not pressure, prevent them from being pressed. Second, refrigerator: the day before the move, please unplug refrigerator power supply, after moving into a new House, please arrange for at least half an hour to run again in the future. Third, the furniture: sofa, wrapped around the entanglement film used, and packet integrity furniture tables and chairs, cabinet door, drawer, please do not place any tools, secure doors and drawers with a tape, fear that the knock was afraid need kraft paper or bubble wrap elastic than good, and then firmly with tape. Four, necessary to make wooden boxes, we have amateur Carpenter staff construction. Clarification: delimitation of slightly different airlines baggage carry carry items of components, each passenger is limited to 5 kilograms. Each carry the volume of goods are not allowed to go beyond 20 х 40 х 55 cm. Across these components, number or volume limit, should serve as a holding operation check. Toll charges for baggage allowance per passenger baggage allowance (including shipping and unregistered baggage): adult or child ticket of economy class passengers is 20-30 kilograms. Passengers shall not be allowed as baggage items during running or carry items carry inflammable, explosive, corruption, toxic, injection items, aggregate materials, magnetic materials and other injuries. Passengers traveling by plane may not take care of weapons, weapons and weapon; animals stop to take care of food occasionally is stopped. Tension not entrained in the Tora running Li items document pouch, securities, goods and materials, communication spring (and not take care of a lot of cash), bills of Exchange, fragile and valuable goods perishable items, and other necessary special care items shall not be caught in baggage checked. Carry these items in the carrier on the Tora running Li lost or destroyed by supporting Mr LEE operation when a compensation obligation.