Moving bulky items of the package handling

   , refrigerator move will plug the day before, the defrost water, moving house orientation, please arrange for 30 minutes and then

    row power.

    second, the State of TV by using the tied quilts to screen asylum Shijiazhuang moving company phone and TV tie firmly with tape.

    three, and computer put you of all document are deposit floppy disk or austerity file, with computer public of box and asylum material loaded good, to detailed away from TV, and sound and remaining some probably occurred magnetic field of electrical; if no, to with bubble block loaded good and into carton in (like poly stupid vinyl foam plastic, and blanket, and crease of paper,), in surface description computer.

    four principle packed the box, printer, and pallets palette removed from laser or inkjet printer, then insert needle with a piece of paper inside the printer platen.

    lamp, according to underworld with the first of five be boxed, put some newspapers around the lamp and let it firm; less closed-box, enable the bearer to catch a glimpse.

    Qi, noise items such as towels wrapped packing to shelter, secure with tape magazine, host.

    BA, bedside cabinets sealed in the plastic bag removal remove screw machine, double sided carpet tape on the headboard down to avoid lost.

   , tables made from thick paper four solid corner with a tape of asylum, and then wrapped with cords of the tabletop to guard against damage.

    10, cabinet drawer and pulls out, then tape the drawers good firm; pulled out of the articles and then into cartons, transportation is very convenient.

    11, dress to give the bearer knows mirrors, so to use the illuminated mirror foam cloth bag, cosmetic paper bag put inside a plastic bag, respectively.

    12, painting with a knife on paper bags each of three marks on the cutting, all confessions can be paper or bilateral removal of the picture placed in paper bags. Also can be placed in the bag the rest of the tools. 13, books, magazines, book cross-strapped, conversion is made of thick cardboard shelter.

    14, pot wrapped in newspapers from the big to the small stacks. Interwoven through the pot into a cross with a rope.

    15, knife blade bread with thick cardboard, and tape securely.

    16, tableware cutlery by using paper stack wrapped tray level put in cardboard boxes, forks spoons 4-5 tied together well.

    separately bottled class 17, then put inside a plastic bag, with newspapers rolled into cardboard boxes, then carton partition cross-strap, interwoven knot on the premises.

    18, records, CD, VCD, DVD lingerie the most grass-roots, suits and other half in boxes stacked, easily wet clothes, fur coats and other clothing can be placed on the tea box from moisture.

    19, vase vases wrapped with a towel, then put it in a cardboard box, large pieces of porcelain with an old bath towel wrap, don't forget to box here's fragile goods, careful with words.