Definition and classification of moving articles moving!

    handling refers to the logistics process, moving company, Shijiazhuang telephone for goods loading and unloading, handling, stacking, picking, stock classification of, or related to the lessons.

    handling lesson six:

    1)-loading and unloading-reloading to transport equipment or by equipment removed.

    2) handling-made goods in the short distance to move.

    3) stacking – goods or stacking, stacking and other packaged goods-related lessons.

    4) pulled out--keep items and pulled out.

    5) classification – the items by type, direction of the delivery, customer needs, and so on are classified.

    6) tally-will be ready to take goods in period costume.

    handling forms, can be divided into personal physical methods of handling, such as workshops, stack, distribution center and other business methods used in handling such as airport and port, sitting at the end.

    classified by transport equipment, and goods trucks, trains, boats, aircraft, and other transport.

    by product and packaging, shape, shape sorter has the following three types:

    1)-individual handling-packaged goods to a single handle.

    2) unit load handling – the goods loaded on pallets or packed in container handling.

    3) bulk cargo handling – to deal with the same in liquid such as kerosene products or wheat kind of granular goods handling. If handling machines used to classify conveyor transport, crane handling, forklift handling and loading device, output device (loader) handling, and so on.