Move, considerations for moving air conditioning machines

    air conditioning is a higher degree of household appliances, of sorts, we shall, in accordance with instructions in the use process control to avoid impact. Shijiazhuang city, but moving companies manipulated the phone when we move we cannot itself, if in the moving air conditioning moves wrong, it could affect the outcome of its refrigeration and cooling results dashed, affecting their life, probably causing unnecessary trouble. Air conditioning moves carefully outline the incident, for master reference.

   , move the air conditioning before the preparatory

    in front of the transfer machine, and amateur staff contacted, agreed time, good price, and also agreed to ensure that the incident in order to avoid prejudice in the space after.

    second, the air conditioning split pace

    1, recycle refrigerants:

    whether it is winter, summer transfer machine, it must collect the refrigerant in the air conditioner outdoor unit. Split machine Qian should launched empty apoptosis device, available remote control set refrigeration status, stay austerity machine running 5-10 minutes, refrigeration status deformity Hou, with wrench twist Xia outside machine of liquid tube and gas tube interface Shang of insurance CAP, closed high pressure tube (fine) of stop valve, l minutes Hou tube appearance knot dew, immediately closed low voltage tube (rough) stop valve, with of agile shut machine, pulled Xia power plug, with wrench twist tight insurance CAP, now received took over refrigeration agent things achieved. If it's winter, first with a warm towel blocking temperature sensor of the indoor unit, then refrigerating set powered on.

    2, demolished the indoor unit:

    refrigerant received after the takeover, can be equipped with indoor units. With wrench, adjacent to the lock to open the indoor unit, with sodium prepared sealed Rotary well protect indoor unit adjacent to the discussion threads, chipped in to discuss preparedness in handling threads; then the cross remove the control line. Identifies the sign flag should be done simultaneously to prevent faulty connection at the time of placement. If light line or a faulty power cord will cause outside the machine does not spin, stiff or uncontrolled. Hanging plate firmly to the more stable, more difficult to be discharged; discharging remove the hanging plates, placed stereo cement to pat down quietly, revised.

    3, demolished the outdoor unit

    split outdoor unit should spare refrigeration maintenance workers while guaranteeing the safe environment of Hefei air-conditioned fluoridation Assembly. Twist away adjacent to lock his mother, using sodium prepared sealed Rotary good designer out of adjacent threads of the discussion. Then use the wrench to grasp the outer feet firmly screw. Assembly put the outdoor machine, best with a rope to hang, while dump should be carefully balanced to prevent vibration, bump, and delicate peace. Should gradually took over stroking straight outdoor air conditioners, prepared four plugs seal the four ports adjacent to the pipe against dust and moisture in the atmosphere to enter. On the plug well, end with a plastic bag tied, nice for easy handling.