The concept of house demolition

    housing units, means for nation-building, reform of the necessary, moving company, Shijiazhuang Tel by the competent authorities concerning the part of the promise by building on the existing building land at home and its appurtenances were removed, the housing owners or users moved and settled as the environment gives a certain satisfaction of business.

    because the Metroplan and the construction of national need, must be fulfilled their assigned to state-owned land use right, so as to achieve fair land capital equipment, land access to fair and efficient operations. This often necessary to remove a lot of the old building, and opening of the new building at the original sites long. But because land housing fixtures such as consolidation of the original user capital and labour, and is the original user premise on which the preservation and production of basic materials, in building process, therefore, required on the original users, tenants ' loss gives satisfaction, and properly settle.

    current, examples examples of acts of house demolition moves the State Council published in June 2001 and on November 1 the implementation of the housing demolition Management Ordinance, local housing units provided for handling of the statutes, and the land management law, the Planning Act relating to removal of Decree defined.