Move what is certain to be followed?

    1, and handling process in the, home in the at least has two a above of people each other common. Shijiazhuang moved company phone a name in housing within instructions workers moved out, addition one in car next detailed furniture car. conveying process in the, to was escort. Dang vehicles arrived in new home Hou,, as also is a people in car next instructions discharge, addition a people in housing within instructions furniture fell bit.

    2, dealing with the new arrangements, the best there is a spectrum, in this way, furniture when moving to a new home at once agile in place, minus the carry back trouble.

    3, handling the special stabilizing have items missing in the old estates, whether fully loaded, must take particular care to preserve valuable items.

    4, separate House should be careful when coal, water and electricity are closed.

    5, should check whether the vehicle is empty after loading.

    6, facing the effect of effort moving staff, landlords the best and beauty but not degrading Porter, and harmony, to link things happy so things easier for staff to treat your furniture (remember: moved workers enlisted the biggest taboo is "nagging").

    7, detailed load height is reached the agreed height, trunk is packed solid, but be careful with too much easy to crush items worth.

    handling items of destroyed claims: moved housing company on items handling destroyed of compensation should to items depreciation Hou of now value for claims scale, to patch mainly. refrigerator handling settled Hou, best II small Hou again plug power, to protection austerity machine of life, for austerity machine by moved transfer Hou because cooling tube in refrigeration liquid swing, must, refrigeration liquid in the of impurities accumulation only can operation, or Dang austerity machine sent out refrigeration liquid Shi will blocked bump pressure valve.