Guide to moving goods compartment package details

    moving packaged goods van guide-detail review

    packing supplies:

    boxes, plastic bags, tape, labels, or pen, small box: such as hammers, screwdrivers, etc, when removed.

    packaged order:

    his head before packing, you can package any time a list like what grasses form. Shijiazhuang long-distance move listed "first, back-loaded," the fundamental order, here are some you use often and want to reach items, your final packaged or packaged in the bottom of the box:

    1: tow line and battery: in this period, everything seemed so concerned with. Computer, CD player, Walkman. Life cannot be separated from these small items, there is reason to delay routes and new batteries on the bottom to get convenience.

    2.: the brightly lit hammer, screwdrivers, nails, screws, adhesive tape, tape in particular. Assumptions used in the handling process, closing the box is dead.

    3. screwdriver and cups: people seem particularly easy thirsty, tired of loading and unloading goods will want a drink.

    4. contacts: to ensure that those nervous phone number book conveniently available.

    5. phone or plug de law: put in easy to take place, because there are always emergencies they probably.

    6. plenty of cash: the move probably will be used.

    7. leases, copy of ID card or driving licence.

    8. clean instrument, especially a tissue: exact will produce unexpected accident by accident.

    9. torch or a lamp: when you finally belong to the new House, probably it was already dark.

    10. utility knife: put it in a box but you closed the box the first thing that is necessary.

    11. pillows, bedding and towels: to a new House about to be collected on the bed.

    12. drugs and cosmetics (SOAP, toilet paper, shampoo)

    13. emergency drugs

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