About Us

Wuxi move Fook Co Ltd, Wuxi is a business licensed moving company was founded in 2005, assessed by the Secretary for trade and industry to set up the first nationwide moving company in Wuxi. After years of development of the company, was formed from some cars developed into a large scale of Wuxi moving, moving company, moving company in Wuxi, Wuxi Tel, Wuxi, Wuxi, Wuxi long distance moving, long distance moving company prices moving company, Wuxi which good professional moving company moving company. Complete units, employees who have received professional training, each employee to work seriously, and first-class service.

Wuxi move Fook Co Ltd uphold the principle of "customer first" philosophy, to customer service as its mission, the pursuit of safe, efficient, timely and careful service and developed a set of strict management system and the efficient and fair operation of the program, allows customers to worry, rest assured. Company not only offers moving services in Wuxi city, Wuxi office relocation, the relocation of factories, equipment shifting lifting service.

family moving: 10 Professional, more than 800 days to move employees, moved to escort for you.

company: professional salesman to move to detailed considerations, design detailed relocation program; professional packaging for items, by using the tag, as shown in diagram, list, can ensure that the items are not lost, and items displayed in place of each employee.

local distribution: relying on about 380 tons of their own sources and rich experience to provide sorting, packaging, Assembly and a series of supporting services, all trains are operated by advanced computer network systems for control, can be thoughtful and careful, safe, reliable and accurate in a timely manner to provide customers with the city and B2B/B2C city delivery service in major cities across the country.

packaging: careful packaging master uses a variety of packaging materials and professional skills, to protect all of your important assets. You can rest assured that the relocation process, without having to worry about unnecessary loss in the process of moving.

proposed "life is limited, service unlimited" slogan, won the majority of customers trust and recognition, customer files, respectively, receive customer phone calls, business advice, follow-up visit, receive customer feedback, comments and suggestions. Introduction of computer management and automated inventory management system. Now has a number of customers over more than 800 customers over more than 500, signed a long-term cooperation agreement.