Moving notice

    move was tired being tired heart thing, people always forget something after moving, bring a lot of inconvenience to the life, detailed some of the premises after the move.

    1, please check the furniture is destroyed in the handling process, if the move occurs after any damage or prejudice to the problem, please let moving companies (and if the contract has agreed to tell the time, must be told in a useful time), so that the identified obligations belong.

    II, would be contrary to move and about list of moving companies tell us, we will help you.

    III, items damaged claims: moving companies for goods handling damaged items after depreciation should be the present value of compensation claims, mainly to repair.

    four, refrigerators removal after settling, a good two hours then plug the power supply for providing shelter for life of compressor, compressor cooling after move fluids swing, accumulation of impurities in fluids, such as operational, or when the compressor out of fluids through concave valve.

    v, visit the new neighbors in order to create a new good neighborhood relations.

    move over, above all, is to have a good rest.