Moving notice

    with the widespread use of computers, computer Office has an area of execution. Then touch IT equipment moving questions, if you can handle. Shijiazhuang long-distance move not only servers and equipment dismantling, moving, on the line, and execution platforms adjacent to the program-controlled Exchange machines system 2M, cable connectivity, and so on. Following is large IT equipment before and after the move to detailed questions.

    preparations for the move before the new room

    1, transport

    When a new computer room environment and the IT equipment collection when the request is equal, it is evident that the best. But when a new transmission method for system, should be taking advantage of the discretion on this critical method of optimum transmission. Our physical transmission is 2M, fibre parallelism, is to later responded through adjustment of the transmission. This process required a lot of spirit to achieve 2M here to discuss, optical fiber fusion splicer is directly related to move duration.

    2, equipment structure

    new new cabinet the size of the room can not help with the old divisions of the Cabinet, we need to plan early, collect the equipment display status of the Cabinet. Stiff can be measured in advance details of the dimensions, detailed site plans after stiff placed, strive is the fairest, most useful space for full control of the engine room.

    3, set the exact physical environment

    new engine room fire, theft, anti-static, proper ventilation, temperature moderation and peace must provide suitable collection equipment request safe guarantee, details include the following: temperature control: control of room temperature 15-23 ℃. Probably, the best equipment temperature was monitored. Humidity control: the humidity in the room should be controlled between 45-55%. Pressure control: good server chassis, 1U machine posture chassis, for example, a 1U physical pressure may well be experienced by components of the same specification (1U) at about 5-7; intensity better rack tray, under pressure to deal with server simply also between 6-8 1U servers.