Moving notice

    and you move back home: a new buyers are moving into the front moved in, on behalf of the new scene; old furniture into the House after radical then moved into and cannot be moved into the new House.

    2. family fortune: organize coin (about 168), into the House when Gu Danliang, stepped into the door when coins sprinkled every corner of the House, read "getting started with feet, people gain followed."

    3. into the House door, the House long House and family should be valuable items in order to enter, not starting from scratch. Get started in their new House after Isaac gold, and silver, and currency in the corner (four corners of houses, is bribing the former House of IMPS) depending on the customs of Shijiazhuang city, but is there anything else you can call the moving company phone.

    4. into Ako, bed, same day, divergence time. Into the House with Ako on the same day, you want to first settle the incense, then furniture and beds. Within 12 days of incense incense not broken, light transparent light fortune tellers.

    5. stoves lasted for the first time, only boiled sweet red bean glutinous rice or sweet tea, representing the home, sweet sweet honey.

    6. at the time of the CUO Gu Danliang, ancestors or gods first into home (itself must be moved! ) After positioning the table of God, to please the gods or ancestors Tablet positioning. Preparations for fruits and flowers, offerings, after worship. "Our ancestors or gods in the transfer process initiated with new clean red cloth cover, removal action."

    7. result of the move, family size eat a bowl of sweet red bean paste dumplings, representatives of family reunion. And to celebrate friends and family together for a bowl of sweet red bean paste dumplings, representative of everything sweet and happy.

    8. buy some red flowers in a vase and placed in the living room or on the tables, or placed in the living room of the money party, representing wealth want want. 9. families with pregnant women, do not recklessly moving as much as possible, to move first row apart old house pregnant housewife and old House move, first with a "new broom" scan a scan, so preventing "child God". ("Yellow" were recorded daily "child God" the status, see the "child wandering the daily certainty of God"), also prevents the moving process, resulting in accidental collision incident.

    10. red represents joy: from food, edible oil, rice, bowls, chopsticks, each tool to use. Each member takes home an article of clothing, the symbolic red round sticker affixed, then broom or vacuum cleaner, also labeled, mean that you can not worry about food and clothing, not to worry, family festivity-soaked.

    11. moving into a new home that night, should be lying in bed before going to sleep about five to ten minutes, and then started walking again before returning to sleep, bless the move after checking in build fewer health ailments.

    12. can be placed near the gate good mining head and Red festive items such as door, Fireworks, Geely, with Rob JI qi.

    13. into 12:1. pineapple. 2. taro. 3. barrel hoops (bamboo). 4. have children. 5. the charcoal. 6. nail. 7. red circle. 8. credence. 9. spring clean. 10. the leeks. 11. the bean. 12. the grain.

    14. into new houses after the first new moon, or XV are going to worship the Earth's crust, beg for help and begging for wealth.

    15. room reception room should not hang Gao, Leopard skin ... ... Violent animal skins, so easily affect the people who live in the home, get ill. Best to hang paintings of mountains, water, or flourishing crabapple, Chinese painting.

    16. living room in the House (or the Divine Office) all the lights within two weeks, required 24-hour lights transparent symbol of a bright fortune tellers throughout the year. Do not throttle electric bill to make indoor dark, pitch-black, and bad good luck. In every dark place in the evening, porch and front door, lighted night light, representing infinite light, warm home games at home.

    17. moving time picker in before noon, to implement before sunset, best not to move into the House at night.

    18. knives or sharp objects cannot be fathers to try to probably will stimulate blood disaster.

    19. moving family members to keep their cool in the day not to temper, not scolding a child, speak words of good luck.

    20. move is not automatic when greeting others. Moving day is not the day sleeping, or easily got sick in the future. Trackbacks don't break the dishes of the day.