Moving notice

    moving higher obedience trouble trouble a lot of people thought the move was a very simple thing, is not ready to move before substantial preparation, and moving companies blunder against, then panicky, delay time does not say, may provide you with the loss of wealth. That bothered about the how to move smoothly at the end, at the conclusion of the ancients moving after resume the following things should be careful when moving, I wish all of you to help. , How to throttle moving time?

    time to throttle move, begin preparatory work to a full packed or packaged all the scattered tools, peers, natural move faster rate. Secondly, it can request that the moving company to send more manpower, more natural speed. Finally, to reasonable time and distance, missed jam later looses simply and traffic routes. 2, how to move throttle?

    throttle moving expenses, moving company first choice on track, absolutely don't find Street posted small white moving company, in order to avoid being hacked. Prior consultation can be 2~3, when you select a name or credit a good moving company. The main preparatory to avoid because of reason in itself result in a waste of time or money. 3, how to check?

    1, with the moving company before checkout, must first check all of your items.

    II, check out some of your goods, carefully check to see if the vacancy.

    three, focused on access to valuable items, fragile items, odds and prosecution if there is loss or damage.

    four, check out home appliances are working fine.

    v, check if knock or destroy signs with furniture.

    six, check suitability of placing the host requests for big-ticket items.

    seven, a brief documentary about handling the team's captain, and the driver's name, left to move acceptance form attachments.

    eight, ask for a receipt of payment (subject to stated earlier) or receipt. Want to understand more about