Moving notice

    beautiful home decoration after MU, will burn wanted to move out to experience new feelings, but things move more poor, too many tools do not say, details are always needed special detail, small series introduced a few to move above knowledge, for the master reference.

    how to choose moving company?

    renovated full implementation when many classmates will probably find itself under the moving company to increase handling baggage here, small series master friendship prompt:

    moved wants to find track of moved company, especially against moved of items than force more and has valuable items of when. Shijiazhuang moved company phone in this aspects relative guarantee better some. rules of moved company except business license outside, is tension of is is must to get Transport Council issued of road transport allows card. and around of Transport Council network sat Shang city supply convenience of due transport enterprise query. second is, goods than several home not losses.

    Tip: important when moving company regardless of cost accounting is moving to start and destination distance, both sides are there floors, lift, store owner if you have valuable items unnecessary insurance is extremely difficult to move large public equipment necessary. If a car moves out.

    1, five days before moving

    liquidation furniture cabinets, spraying insecticide to prevent bringing cockroaches to new homes. New homes to eliminate cleaning, spraying insecticide and drain in the corner. Remember the tension of home computer hard drives data backup, valuable items such as documents instruments best advance finishing in the list, in Office safes, where appropriate, in order to avoid losing.

    b, moving day

    (1) moving company is attained, and lead people to identify which tools are necessary to carry again, moved to what position, what floor, check handling and Penny agreed equal to prevent moving to half, workers sat starting at, and handling fees, and best them all the tools in place and then pay.

    (2) when packaged, best to give all the tools a number affixed, glance, all items inside cabinets, boxes should be pulled out another package, do not let the workers attached to the inside of the tool move together.

    (3) bulk glass furniture, must unload, alone handling to prevent damage. If new flooring is not wear and best fathers house asylum, or often in their drag handling process items, do not think that you warn the workers would be useful.

    (4) when in the old home, move small car, into their new home when to move large car, and host should be specified in the room all large display status.

    (5) joined into one place all breakable, and bearing in mind that identifies the symbol mark, prompting workers, fragile end car, new home, began to move off the best is to let workers carry directly to new space such as bathroom (General tools moved little moved to the bathroom).

    after three, moving

    clean up after moving:

    (1), tables, chairs, cabinets, wiped clean from a height;

    (2) to clean out some everyday essential items in place, ensure that the deformity of life order;

    (3) pick up the items you use frequently, some common course tools can be placed into the hidden room later in the future;

    (4) when items are in place, the rooms are cleaning after cleaning, clean clothes, bedding, table cloths, etc;

    (5) Finally, the room that lets put some decoration, beautify your home.